Sunday, January 23, 2011

Children get fancy at library

If there was one word to describe Saturday's event at the Marine City Public Library, it was "fancy."

About 20 children -- along with their families -- had a little fun, Fancy Nancy-style.

Children decked themselves out in crowns, glasses and jewelry at the Fancy Nancy "Let's Get Fancy" party. Students from the Blue Water College of Cosmetology were on hand to braid the children's hair and paint their nails, too.

Fancy Nancy is the main character in a series of books written by Jane O'Connor and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser. The character dresses extravagantly, uses big words and sometimes speaks in French.

The event started with assistant branch librarian Lynn Andrews reading a book from the series, "Fancy Nancy: Let's Get Fancy Together," which featured tips on how to be fancy.

"You guys will walk out of here looking very fancy," Andrews told the children as she opened the purse-shaped book.

Ava Sadlowski, 6, of Algonac didn't just make herself fancy. She also made her doll fancy.

She and her mother, Stephanie, often read Fancy Nancy books, her mother said.

"I like that she gives me stuff to relax," Ava said about Fancy Nancy.

Ava said she likes to get fancy because "I get to rest all day in my fancy outfit."

Lucy Van Singel, 6, of St. Clair said her favorite thing about Fancy Nancy is her clothes.

Her favorite part of the party, however, was getting her hair braided, she said.

Her mother, Kelly Van Singel, wasn't so sure.

"She had a fun time decorating her crown," Kelly Van Singel said, adding that the party was "awesome" and Lucy was happy to go.

"She's excited because the books are just at her level," Kelly Van Singel said.

Kelly Van Singel said they read a lot of the books in the series and even try to use one of Fancy Nancy's fancy words each day. Saturday's word was "magnificent," she said.

Isabella Volkman, 6, of China Township also enjoyed decorating her crown, she said. She went to the party with her
4-year-old sister Olivia and mom Kelly.

Isabella had a simple reason why she likes Fancy Nancy: "Because she's fancy," she said.

Andrews said she believes the books are so popular because Fancy Nancy "is an independent little girl who knows what she likes."

Andrews said that, because the books are so popular, she wasn't surprised by the turnout for the party.

She said the library had a waiting list and probably will have another fancy party someday.


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