Friday, January 21, 2011

I fancy young Ken Barlow

Coronation Street star Paula Lane has admitted to having a secret crush on Wiliam Roache - as he was in his younger days.

The actress joined the soap last year as tearaway Kylie Turner - 50 years after Roache first appeared in the show as Ken Barlow.

However, she revealed her true feelings in an interview with Reveal magazine this week.

"My secret crush is Bill Roache in the first Corrie episode in 1960," she said.

Her character is set to cause a stir in the near future when she becomes engaged to bad boy David Platt - played by Jack P Shepherd - after the pair get together in Tenerife.

Paula has also said she would never behaving as Kylie does - and added that her mother keeps her in line.

"My mum said to me the other day 'don't you look at me with them Kylie eyes!'" the 24-year-old told Now Magazine.

"I've got a little bit of a feisty side but I'm sensitive as well and I'd never dream of doing stuff Kylie's done."


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